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Sponsor a Program. 100% of your donation will go to the program you choose.

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The Vermont Children's Trust Foundation funds community-based prevention programs for children throughout Vermont. From isolated rural communities to small city neighborhoods, VCTF provides seed money in every county of the state to help incubate new programs through grant applications for a one year pilot. Successful pilots then apply for a three year grant. This seed money with three year funding helps organizations establish their footing and work toward sustainability. It's a formula that works. Small amounts of funding have a meaningful and lasting impact.

Some of the programs we funded in our early years are thriving today – Prevent Child Abuse Vermont, DREAM Mentoring program, and Puppets in Education, for example.

Each year, we receive requests for support from organizations in every corner of Vermont. These groups are efficient, compact, nonprofit organizations providing vital services to our children and families, often from communities with limited resources. They are doing the critical work of keeping kids connected to their communities; preparing them to do well in school; broadening their experiences through art, literature, theater and nature; teaching them important skills to reduce risk factors; and much more. We all know that educated, cared-for, healthy children are more likely to realize their promise.